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Digital Pianos – Let’s Get Specific!

digital-pionosIt’s a huge world by itself. The digital piano space is now very sophisticated with a wide variety of options to choose from. There are number things to consider before you zero in on a model of your choice. But if you’re still stuck at whether or not to choose a digital piano over a traditional one, here are a few points to consider. Look for electric pianos reviews online from customers, for example go to websites such as gear4music.com

If still in doubt, here are some points in a nutshell.

Digital pianos score 10/10 on portability and very close to that digit in terms of cost. These are straight advantages in comparison to a traditional piano. Digital pianos are inexpensive. Of course, if you go for sophisticated models the prices go higher and higher, simply because there is a huge improvement in sound quality, a great number of features, integration to technology to enhance the breadth of features and to increase versatility.

Though the sound quality is superior in acoustic pianos, digital pianos are getting very close to the original ones thanks to continuous improvements in their sound and design. You also have some cool features such as wearing your headphones while playing, so only you can hear the music you play. This is a huge boon when you want to practice by yourself. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you have a wide range to choose from.

There are many models of digital pianos out there in the market but you want the one that bests suits you. First thing to consider is if you want it for amateur or professional use. If, for professional use, and you are particular about key touch response etc, you will not only be considering the quality of sound and sophistication built in but whether the touch response of your fingers to the keys feel right.

Sound is very important to the discerning ear. Do pay heed to the decay and sustain of notes. Give a hear to the overall sound output, how real it feels, whether the speakers and amplifiers give you the right feel.

Look for polyphony of about 128 or 264-note polyphony if your choice is a high-end one. The minimum must be 32-note pianos. Check to see if they have metronomes built in, in case you wish to improve your grasp on rhythm.Next you are bound to have a budget in mind, whatever may be your requirement. Ensure that you get the best for your budget. Portability – choose the size that feels right for you to carry around.

A good example of digital pianos for home use/ beginners’ level would be Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano, a Yamaha’s YPG-535 and a Kurzweil MP-10 Digital Piano for those experienced, professional hands. For stage performances there are sophisticated and highly portable ones such as Casio’s Privia PX-5S Pro that comes with a damper and optional pedals. They can provide soft and sostenuto pedal effects. For the top quality ones go for Yamaha’s CP-300. These are for those no-nonsense musicians. Their range of effects, controls, sound, hammer effect are top notch, almost close to the acoustic piano feel, combined with superb MIDI control options and sequencer.

You have a wide range out there, go experience the magic, and pick up your digital piano!

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