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Are You Looking For The Perfect LED Light For Your Grow Room? Here Are Some Guidelines!

So, you are on a hunt for the best LED grow lights for your plants? How to decide whether a LED light is good or not? That depends on a lot of factors. This article will help you understand more about the factors so that you can choose the best light for your precious plants. Let us analyze the factors one by one!

Brand of the lights
Brand plays an important role when it comes to grow-lights. If you go for some unknown companies, you may not get the desired quality. Brands like Mars Hydro (Famous for mars600 and mars300) are designed and manufactured in China. Some other brands are designed in U.S and made in China. Check for the reputation of the brands and also look at their reviews before making a decision regarding which one to buy.

Type of the plant and phase of plant growth
According to botanicalguides.com/, light requirement is different for different plants. So the lighting of the grow rooms should be according to the plant types. The best way to deal this is to choose dimmable LED lights so that you can adjust the amount of light very easily.

Another criterion which is to be considered is the phase of the plant growth. Plants are of two types- vegging and flowering. Vegging phase requires more of blue light and the flowering phase requires red light. So, the best option is to go for a full spectrum LED light which is suitable for all phases.

Coverage area
Another important thing which is to be considered while buying LED lights is their coverage area. If your grow room is a small one, then a grow light with less coverage area may do the job. But if the grow room is very large, then you need to go for larger lights.
The following are the two factors which determine the coverage area of a light
· Light size- This actually refers to the power output of the light. A 400-watt light would have more coverage area than a 100-watt light
· Beam angle- The angle in which the light is spread is called the beam angle. A small beam angle lessens the coverage area while a large beam angle covers more area.
So, check for these values in the product description. Compare it with what you require and then make the decision.

Intensity of light
As already mentioned, different plant types require different intensities of lights. So check for this value and choose the one which best suits you. As the intensity of light increases, then there are chances for more heat production as well.

LED Output Wattage
According to most of the studies which have happened in this area, the optimum wattage for a LED chip is 3 watts.1-watt chips are also good as they produce the least amount of heat and are stable and long lasting. But they fall back in penetration power and hence are not suitable for dense grow rooms.

Compare the above factors of the LED lights with your requirements and choose the one which suits you the best!

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