How To Handle Strollers During Air Travel?

If you think packing and planning an itinerary is complex when traveling with infants, then flying with them is a whole new experience altogether. Especially if you are on a long flight with layoffs in between that means you will have to carry your infant through airport terminals. A stroller can be of great help in such situations as your kid can fall asleep in it which makes your movement faster.
A stroller is considered as part of your travel baggage, and you can carry them in the flight, but ensure that you buy the Best Travel System Strollers as you do not want it to be broken and make your travel more difficult. Most airlines have the same rules on how to handle the strollers, find the full list here. The entire process of checking in the stroller to claiming it in baggage is mentioned below.

Check-in: You should consider whether you want to check in along with your other baggage or take it to the gate. An infant car seat and a stroller can be checked at no extra cost. The primary advantage of taking the stroller to the gate is that you can use it at the terminals for arrival and departure, but the downside is that you will have to wait for it to be delivered which can take 10 to 15 minutes. The other option you can consider is to check in the stroller and collect it in your final destination. But you will have to carry your infant in the airport if you are on a long flight. So carefully consider what you want to do with the stroller before you choose.

Security check: Like all other baggage pieces, your stroller will also have to go through a security check. At the screening point, screening machines will check the stroller so be prepared to take your infant in your arms. Note that it is best to avoid stuffing the stroller with baby products before the screening as that will save you time. Most airports will have separate lines for families with infants for the security checks.

Carrying it on board: If you are travelling offseason or there is space onboard the flight you can stow your stroller in the overhead cabin but ensure that the stroller is small enough to fit into the overhead cabin. By carrying them onboard, you can quickly access it when you have connecting flights to take and also there is less likelihood of your stroller getting lost.

Claiming stroller from baggage: If you had earlier decided to send your stroller along with your other luggage, then you will have to take it at the end of your air travel.

Tips for travel with strollers
If you want to carry your stroller in the overhead cabin, then you should use an umbrella stroller.
Some airports provide strollers to ease your travel, if you are on a long light with hops, then it is best to find out if there are such facilities available.
For short trips, opt for alternates like a baby carrier on a back carrier as even the lightest stroller weighs about five kgs.

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